Artist's Inspiration

Risk = Danger + Possibility


Risk means…

danger of

  1. failing
  2. looking stupid
  3. feeling stupid
  4. embarrassing yourself
  5. making yourself known
  6. being vulnerable
  7. having a panic attack
  8. stumbling
  9. falling
  10. fucking up


possibility of

  1. succeeding
  2. looking awesome/fabulous/brilliant
  3. feeling awesome/fabulous/brilliant
  4. realizing just how silly and baseless all your fears were in the 1st place
  5. feeling stronger
  6. feeling a billion times more confident
  7. stumbling
  8. falling
  9. getting back up
  10. soaring and then aiming higher

So what is more important, the possibilities or potential dangers?

Take a risk.

Be reckless to caution.


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