Artist's Inspiration

Desire Precedes Aptitude

What does it take to be forever immortalized amidst literary gods: talent or motivation? Though our culture often emphasizes the significance of innate talent, I am here to debunk that popular myth once and for all.  Determination-the sheer inextinguishable will to get things done- is (and always will be) the better predictor of success. Desire precedes aptitude.

In fact, desire is a precondition for aptitude.

In order to become an expert, a connoisseur in any field, you must have the eagerness and passion to dedicate many hours to the perfecting of your craft. Recall the 10,000 hour rule from Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice-concentrated effort with the intent of getting better-to be considered an expert.

Most of us are authorities on more things than we realize. Are you a grammar whiz? a fashion maven? a self-help guru? What excites you? provokes you? riles you up? Write it in your notebook! Blog about it! Identifying your interests and fields of knowledge is the first step to writing a compelling piece.

If you want to write (or sculpt or paint or incite a movement for that matter), you must yearn for it, lust after it, crave it and chase after it with all the intensity and passion of your being.  Only then will your mad desire uncover the brilliant, shining talent you need.

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